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Who is the Children’s Commissioner for Wales?

Commissioner Rocio Cifuentes has been the Children’s Commissioner for Wales since April 2022.


Her job is to tell people why children’s rights are so important, and to look at how the decisions made by public bodies in Wales, including Welsh Government, affect children’s rights.

Super Ambassadors at Ysgol Trefnant:


Their job is to help children at Ysgol Trefnant find out more about their rights. These rights are the things that children need to be safe, healthy and happy. The United Nations has a list of all the rights that children have. This list is called the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, or UNCRC for short.


To make sure that you get your rights the Commissioner has five super powers, they are to:

• Listen to what you have to say.

• Speak up about things that are important to you.

• Tell you about your rights.

• Help to make sure that you get your rights.

• Talk to you if you have a problem.


To find out more about Super Ambassadors go to: To find out more about the work of the Children’s Comissioner for Wales go to:

A Children's Rights Approach to Education


A Children’s Rights Approach is a principled and practical framework for working with children, grounded in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.


It’s about placing the UNCRC at the core of a child’s experience of education and at the core of school planning, teaching, decision-making, policies and practice.


The principles of a Children’s Rights Approach are:

  • Embedding children’s rights
  • Equality and Non-discrimination 
  • Empowering children
  • Participation
  • Accountability

Children's Rights