Ysgol Trefnant

Learning and growing in our Christian Community


Teaching Staff

A child’s education starts at home and is continued in school.

We at Ysgol Trefnant see the process as a partnership between teacher and pupil, home and school. We strive to make the school a welcoming place where parents feel free to visit any time. Staffs are normally available at the end of each school day to discuss issues which parents may wish to raise concerning their child’s progress or development. We look to parents to support the learning process by encouraging their children in all they do in school, by making sure children attend regularly and punctually and by supporting the discipline of the school, helping their children to achieve maturity, self discipline and self control. The school Discipline Policy is available for any parent upon request.

The school, for its part, tries to achieve ‘the best’ for each child by laying the foundations of learning which will be built upon in High School and in adult life. We endeavour to communicate regularly by newsletter to keep parents informed of all our activities. We report on progress at the end of each school year and provide formal opportunities throughout the year for parents to come to school to see pupils’ work and to discuss children’s progress. We ask parents to sign our Home/School agreement, a copy of which is included in our prospectus.